Sponsor Night with Marvin Minsky

Towards the end of the evening, my girlfriend and I went to see the Punch Drunk installation in the basement of the Media Lab. We got the last time slot, so we had to wait (which wasn’t bad as we spent the time enjoying Harmonix’s Dance Central).

We when got to the elevator, waiting there was also Dr. Marvin Minsky and his wife Gloria. We went to the exhibition together and helped them walk through. It was pretty cool. When we got down to the basement, we had to follow this path, that reminded me of the beginning of a haunted house theme ride. Not too spooky, but dark and dusty (that was from the basement, not by design). Finally we arrived a set of phone booths. All the phones were ringing, and there was also recordings of lots of people answering the phone, saying “Hello?! Is anyone there?” etc. Gloria was holding on to my arm and said, “I think you should answer the phone, these things usually scare me.” I replied, “I agree, it’s just that black people in horror movies usually are the first to die.” LOL! Anyway, we answered the phone and the back of the phone booth opened up. We walked through and surprise!!! There were a bunch of people in party hats screaming happy birthday. They had pieces of birthday cake wrapped in old dot-matrix printer paper. plus some crazy looking shots – wait, we were in a bar! Then Marvin Minsky looks around puzzled, and exclaims, “Where did you get this photo?!” I looked up, it was him. In fact, the bar was a replica of the Minsky bar, an infamous place of dialogue and discussion, so the legend goes. Dr. Minsky thought the whole thing was rather amusing. After a while, we moved to the next room… hard describe… a guy was laying on dentist chair, while being teased by a female doctor (they both looked ‘undead’). I was trying to figure out what was going on, but Dr. Minsky didn’t wait to figure it out (or maybe he did), he grabbed the girl, and started dancing with her. Totally gangster!

Afterwards, the exhibit was over, we went back up the elevator enjoyed the rest of the evening. We talked for while. Then meet my advisor Henry Lieberman, and I thought it would be a great time to take a picture. In retrospect, the photo looks like something I would take at my graduation.

Overall, too cool!