Tangible: Week 4

Awesome class as usual! We had a guest speaker: Brian Krejcarek of sensibleself.com Check out the website to see of the cool stuff he is working on.Also check out Philips Direct Life and Activa products. Oh yeah, look up Jesse Schell about corporate rewards programs. Interesting stuff!

The class lecture was very cool. Rose gave a great talk on the health care industry adopting innovative devices to assist both the care provider and patient. I took some pictures of his power point slides.

Next: we got the class project assignment.

My group made a breathalyzer-based drinking straw. It would be used in bars to encourage responsible drinking. The straw would turn bright pink as one got closer to the legal alcohol limit for driving. We had to create the prototype using ‘stop-motion’ video. Fun project. Of course, I was the one getting drunk. I will post the video asap. I plan on making it for real, so we’ll see.

Finally, this last photo is of major importance. I need to remember these principles.