My First Demo

Today was extremely interesting! I gave my first set of demos today. I presented Peggy Chi’s Master’s project “Raconteur.” It’s a text chat application that assists the user in suggesting¬†complementary¬†photos to help tell the user’s story. As the user types, the AI agent uses NLP (natural language processing) to scan the text in real-time, then suggest photos from a piscasa account, by using Common Sense techniques. It’s not meta-search, as all the photos are described in natural language. For example, typing “sand castle” could produce a photo annotated as a fish structure. “Castle” is a type of structure.

I met a lot of sponsors that were interested in the work, and my ideas on how to enhance the project. I couldn’t have done as well without Peggy’s help. She stopped by the lab on Tuesday night to offer her support.

Dinner later that evening was good. Good presentations, good food. The beer… Sam Adams. Acceptable considering we are in Boston.