MIT Media Lab!

School officially started for me on the 9th of September! It took some time to start this blog, as there were so many misc tasks to complete. I will back-post the stories as I have a chance to write them. This is a journal for anyone interested in the Media Lab. I will post all of the technical portions, demos, etc. of my actual projects on

Where do I begin?

Every time I have a conversation about what I’m doing at MIT, I find myself repeating the same or similar narrative. That’s because it’s easier to repeat myself, then gush about how amazing this place really is. It’s too easy to come off sounding egotistical, privileged, and arrogant.  Actually, I’m humbled by the creative talent, and apprecitive for the opportunity to be here. Every day is cool. Extremely cool!

The Media Lab is a kindergarten for adults with a focus on imaginative technologies.

This semester I’m taking two classes. Common Sense Reasoning and Tangible Interfaces. The rest of my time is spent as a Research Assistant, meaning I spend my time learning and building things.

The first week I was here my laptop started having problems, so now I’m getting an Apple Mac Book Pro. I’ve never been an Apple fan, but the Media Lab is pro-Apple and I’m just eager to start programming.

Most importantly, the other students – my peer group. They are awesome!  I’m constantly inspired by them. It’s great to be here!

Here are some pictures from the Media Lab:

During the Media Lab orientation tour, I asked what was the elephant for? The response, “What elephant?” I wanted to poke a hole in it, let the air out, then respond, “Oh you’re right!”