Tangible: Week 6

[thumbnails][/thumbsnails]Today our group project was due. Rather than me writing about it, read this. Todd’s blog is awesome and inspiring. I hope to write at his level of detail.

For my part, I build a prototype app in html5 (to be used by most smart phones) to associate the device with the user’s media. The app does work, but we did not have enough time to finish the sensor on the CUE device. Nick did a great job of fabricating the CUE object. It might be too small for the electronics that we wanted to put into it. Also, I didn’t implement the SMS server, which is on my todo list.

The actual class presentation didn’t get the warm reception we were hoping for, however Dr. Ishii liked it. I will have to write post on my observations on presenting/communicating at the Media Lab.

Overall, it was good. I decided that I will continue to work on this until it’s completed. I’ll update the blog with my progress in the coming weeks.