It’s Already April!

Hello! I’ve been gone for months – sorry! I thought I might start blogging again since it’s the first day of Spring Sponsor Week at the MIT Media Lab. Tomorrow I will be presenting my project “Time Out” part of the “StopDBully” project with my mate Karthik.

Plenty of things to share… more later.

Got an Apple

Today my new MacBookPro came in. I also got a 27″ Apple Display to go with it. I never thought I would make the transition to Mac, but the entire MIT Media Lab is Apple-centric. It’s too difficult to stay to PC. Besides, I didn’t pay for it, the school did.

Some things I strongly dislike: no expresscard port, firewire 800, usb ports too close together. Everything else is cool.



Hello world!

Welcome to my personal blog!

This my attempt to be digitally-social (again)! For me, facebook isn’t working for a number of reasons. While anyone could argue that it is easier to keep track of your friends, I don’t find it as the right sounding board. If I post something about beer, tons of response. I post about my music or radio show – nothing. It’s not really the fault of facebook, but rather my own expectations that people care about what I’m doing professionally. People do, just not my friends. LOL!

Anyway, no rants today. It’s beautiful outside and I have good health.

B 🙂